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Setting Up E-mail Clients
Outlook Express 4.
Outlook Express 5.
Outlook 97
Outlook XP
Outlook 2000
Outlook 2007
Macintosh Mail
Netscape 6
iPhone Mail
Opera 6
Eudora 3.0x
Eudora 5
Eudora Mac
Setting Up SMTP Authentication
Eudora 3.0x
Microsoft Outlook
Outlook Express
Uploading your website
Using FTP
Using SiteManager's Web FTP
Using SiteManager
Logging In to SiteManager
Can't log in to SiteManager
Managing your POP email accounts - Sitemanager
Catch all account
Create pop accounts
Forwarding accounts
Spam filtering
Managing your POP email accounts - Plesk version 8.x
Creating a POP email account
Creating a mail forward (redirect)
Creating a email alias
Creating a autoresponder
Using spam filters
Creating a default email account
Plesk Control Panel Video Tutorials - Plesk 11
Changing the Panel Password
Learn how to change the password that you use to log in to the control panel.
Changing Subscription Password
Learn how to change the password that you use to access your hosting subscription files via FTP or SSH.
Updating Contact Info
This tutorial explains how to change your contact e-mail, telephone, address and company details.
File Manager
Learn how to organize your website files using the Panel built-in File Manager.
FTP Accounts
This tutorial explains how to set up FTP access to your hosting subscription: you will learn how to add, edit and remove FTP accounts.
Web Presence Builder
Learn how to create professionally looking sites without any knowledge of HTML markup or graphic design skills with Web Presence Builder.
Adding Websites (Domains)
This tutorial explains how to add websites addressed by domain names.
Adding Websites (Subdomains)
Learn how to add more websites using the same registered domain name.
Adding Website Forwarders
Learn how to add a domain that redirects site visitors to another website.
Mail Accounts
This video explains how to set up a mail account, change its settings and access it using an email client program or a webmail
Mail: Forwarders
Learn how to set up on a mail account the forwarding service that will send all incoming messages or their copies to another e-mail address.
Mail: Auto-Replies
This video explains how to set up automatic responses on mail accounts, and turn them off.
Adding Domain Aliases
Learn how to set up additional (alternative) domain names for your website.
Adding a Blog to Your Site
Learn how to add a blog based on WordPress to your site.
Changing Password for a Mail Account
Learn how to change password for a mail account.
Setting Up Mailing Lists
Learn how to create a mailing list, subscribe users, and send a message to the list.
Protecting Site Content from Direct Linking (Hotlinking)
Protecting Site Content from Direct Linking (Hotlinking)

Learn how to protect your site content from direct linking.

Managing your website
Putting a counter
Using formmail.cgi in Linux
Using in Windows
Password protect
Setting Up Password File
Common problems
I cannot see my homepage!
Where do I put my cgi-scripts?
When I try to run scripts, I see the contents instead.
"Server error" or "Permissiondenied" when running scripts.
I tried sending email, but can't and received messages like these, "451", what's wrong?
Using Attachments In Webmail (Horde)
Porting over the address book from Horde to @Mail
Viewing Your Web Statistics
Missing Emails
Why I can't delete certain folders in my "htdocs" directory
How do I upload my web pages in FrontPage?
ASP Programming
Checking the environment
MySQL Connection
MSSQL Connection
Simple example of using ASP to send email
ASP.NET Programming
Checking the environment
MySQL Connection
MSSQL Connection
Perl Programming
Checking the environment
Modules and Binaries
MySQL Connection
PHP Programming
Checking the environment
Libraries and Binaries
MySQL Connection
Simple example of using PHP to send email
Java Programming
How do I run JSP and servlets in your server
Multilanguage Considerations
In static web pages
In MSSQL databases