How do I run JSP and servlets in your Plesk server?

NOTE: You will need to pack all your java scripts into a WAR file.

Log into your Plesk control panel.

 After you logged in, click on the domain for which you want to run JSP or servlets.

Click on the "Tomcat" icon.

If you see a "Switch On" icon, please click on it to enable java support for your domain.

Click on "Add New Java Application" icon.

Click on "Browse" button.

Browse to your WAR file. (In this example, the file being uploaded is "example5.war".) Click "Open" to upload your WAR file. (Different computers may display the below window differently. So yours may look different.)

Click the "OK" button.

When it is done, it should look something like this. (Notice that the java application is named after the name of the WAR file.)

You can visit your java application by going to http://www.your-domain-name/java_application_name. The picture below shows an example. (Please click on the thumbnail for the actual picture.)

You can try it yourselves with the 2 WAR files below.