"My Perl script works on my server but it does not work on your server."

Modules and Binaries

Sometimes, in your installation of Perl in your test server, you may have installed some Perl modules which are not installed in our servers.

Take for example, if your script looks like this....

use Mail::Sender;

... this means that the Perl module called "Mail::Sender" has to be installed in the server. If your script is not working on our server, maybe your script needs a particular module. Simply let us know the needed module and we'll install it for you.

In some other cases, it is due to a missing binary.  Take for example, if your script contains lines that look like ...

$mailprog = '/usr/lib/sendmail -i -t';

... that means your script needs the "sendmail" binary to be installed in "/usr/lib/sendmail".

"sendmail" is just an example that we are very familiar with. Your script might need some other binaries. These binaries may not be installed in our server, or they may be installed in a different location when compared to your test server. Please let us know what binaries need to be installed, and where they ought to be installed. We'll try our best to accommodate your request.

Very often, we have been asked, "Where is the sendmail binary?" It is at "/usr/lib/sendmail".
If your script needs a SMTP host, you can use "localhost".