Porting over the address book from Horde to @Mail.

The new webmail is currently in a trial phase. Unfortunately, it does not carry forward the settings that were made in Horde, due to incompatibilities in between the systems. Nevertheless, it is still possible to export your address book and then import it in the new webmail.

Kindly follow the following steps:-

1) Login to your Horde.
2) Click on "Address Book" >> "Import/Export".
3) Under "Export Address Book", select format:- "Comma Separated Values" and click on "Export".
4) Save file as "address.csv" on your desktop.
5) Logout of Horde.
6) Login to your new webmail: http://webmail.virtualtechhelp.com/
7) Assuming you are using Internet Explorer, Go to Tools >> "Address Book".
8) Click on the the Icon "Import File" under the web mail Menu bar.
9) Browser for "address.csv" on your local machine and click on "Import File"
10) Match the "field names" and click on "Import Entries" and you are done !