How To Put A Counter

NOTE: The method described here works only on Linux servers. If your site is hosted on the Windows server,
the information is not applicable to you.

Putting a counter in your webpage is very simple. It involves only 3 steps.
1. Go to to choose a counter.
2. Copy the code and paste it on your html file.
3. Replace the word "sample" with your Userid. (Your Userid can be found in the e-mail titled
"Your-domain-name account info" that we sent to you when you signed up for a hosting plan with us.)

You decided to use the second counter. So you copy the code ...
<img src="/public-cgi/Count?df=sample.dat&ft=4">
and you paste it on the html file that you want to display the counter.
You then replace the word "sample" with your Userid. Looking at your account info e-mail ...

Domain Name :
Temp Host IP :
Userid : foobar
Password : acbdefgh

... the Userid is "foobar". So the code becomes ...
<img src="/public-cgi/Count?df=foobar.dat&ft=4">