Setting Up Eudora 3.0x.

1. Launch Eudora 3.0x.

2. From the main window, click on "Tools" >> "Options"


3. You should see a dialog box displayed as shown. Click on the
"Getting Started" icon from the "Category" list.

4. For the "POP account" textbox configuration, it will be dependent on your domain name and your login ID. If you have a domain called "" and your Login ID is "email", then you should configure it as "".

Enter your e-mail address to generate your POP account name:

5. Enter your name in the "Real Name" textbox.

6. Enter your e-mail address in the "Return Address" textbox.

7. Next, choose "Host" icon from the "Category" list.

8. Your "POP Account" has already been configured. You can skip that to move on the "SMTP" textbox.

In the "SMTP" textbox, enter the enter the SMTP server name of your ISP. Here is a list of common SMTP servers:
1. Singnet -
2. Pacific Internet -
3. Cyberway -
4. Singtel Magix -
5. Swiftech -

9. Click on the "OK" button and your e-mail configuration is complete.