Accounts information

You will need to refer to the accounts information email that we sent you upon setup of your virtual server.
You will need these information in order to upload your website.

ACCOUNT LOGIN INFORMATION ===============================================|
Domain Name :
Userid : your-user-id
Password : your-password

Using FTP

Assuming you are already connected to the internet, you can now fire up your FTP program and start uploading your files. For the purpose of demonstration, we will be using WS_FTP. If you do not have one, you can download a copy here :

Or, you may consider SmartFTP, a free (for non commercial uses only) FTP client. Download it here:

Finally, you may also use the free web-based FTP application found within SiteManager. To learn how to use it, please click here: SiteManager Web-based FTP

Lets begin with our tutorial using WS_FTP.

1) Start your FTP program
2) In "Profile Name", type in whatever you want.
3) In "Host Name", type in [your-domain-name].com or
4) In "User ID", type in [your-user-id]
5) In "Password", type in [your-password]


6) After sucessful log in, the right side of the 2 windows will be the directory
of your virtual server. You have to place all your web files in "htdocs".
The files on the left-hand side are within your own computer.

7) Double click on "htdocs". This will take you to your web directory. This is where all your web site files will be uploaded. You may also create sub-directories in "htdocs".

8) To upload a file or files, simply highlight the file(s) on the left and click the right arrow button (->) in the center
of the window.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to upload HTML documents and cgi scripts in ASCII mode. Images should be uploaded in BINARY mode.

9) To transfer a file to a subdirectory, double-click the appropriate subdirectory to open before transferring the desired file(s). To create a new directory, click on the MkDir button when you are inside the www directory or subdirectory.

10) As soon as a file is uploaded to the web server, it is available for all to see. If, after uploading a file, you are still unable to see the updated file via Netscape, try hitting the "Refresh" or "Reload" button.