Someone sent me an email, but I have not received it, what's wrong?

There are a number of reasons why this is happening. Most commonly, they are (Please note that the following reasons are by no means exhaustive):

1. If you have enabled spam filtering for your account, the email you are waiting for could have been filtered into your spam folder. Please login to your webmail account and click on the "Spam" folder to check.
You can access your webmail like this: (replace the "yourdomain" part with your domain name).

2. It could be your sender's IP address have been blacklisted by anti-spam blacklist like Spamhaus (, preventing his email from reaching our network. Please ask your sender to verify the status of his IP address with his ISP.

3. Your sender's ISP may be experiencing a technical problem in its email server. Therefore, your sender's email to you may not even have left his ISP's network.

4. You may have inadvertently deleted the email in question. Please check your email's trash folder.

If you feel that it is not due to any of the above stated reasons, kindly email us with your sender's email address, the subject line and other relevant information of the email that you were expecting. Also, you will need to grant us permission in writing to access your server's mailboxes to carry out this investigation.

Please be assured that we are committed to providing you with reliable email services. Rarely do emails go missing, if ever. Even if our mail servers are down temporarily, emails meant for you will still reach you eventually as most email servers are configured to keep trying for up to 72 hours until the email is delivered. If any emails are undelivered, it will be returned to your sender. If your sender did not received any bounced or returned email, then the above points are usually the reasons why you did not receive your email.