Setting Up Netscape 6.
1. Launch Netscape 6 Mail. From the toolbar, choose "Edit" >> "Mail
and Newsgroup Settings". Once there, click on the "New Account" button.
This dialog box will show up.


2. Enter your name and email address. Click "Next".


3. Select "POP" for "Incoming Server", and enter "" for your
server name, where domain is the name of your domain name. Your outgoing SMTP server, depending on the plan you are subscribed to, is either "" or "", where "" is your domain name. Alternatively, you can also use your existing ISP's going SMTP server. Click "Next".


4. Your user name would be "", the same as your email address. Click "Next".


5. Enter an account name that will be able to help you identify this mail session,
like "My Email A/c", or whatever you find appropriate.


6. With all that done, Netscape will ask you to confirm the details you have
keyed in. Check through it and press "Finish" if you are sure you have keyed
in the correct information. Now your Netscape mail is configured.