How To Password Protect Your Directories

If you want to prevent a particular directory of your website from the public, you will need to password protect it. To do so, please follow the steps outlined below:

Log in at SiteManager.

1. Click on "Password Protect Directories"

2. In the resulting page, click on the grey padlock besides the directory that you want to password-protect. If a directory has not been password-protected, it will be indicated by a grey padlock beside the directory. If it is already password-protected, then it will be indicated by a yellow padlock (in the locked position) alongside the directory in question.

In this example, we will choose to password-protect the "webstats" directory. Click on the grey padlock beside it.

3. In the next page, do the following:

Step 1: click on the checkbox besides the "Enable Password Protection" field.
Step 2: In the field for "Protected Realm Name", type in any name. For simplicity's sake, you may choose to use the same name as your directory. In our example, we type in "webstats".
Step 3: Type in your preferred login name in the "User Name" field for this directory. In our case, we choose "admin".
Step 4: Key in your preferred password for this login.
Step 5: Click on the "Add User" button.


4. If you want to enable multiple users with their own unique logins to the same directory, you will need to set up a password file first. See "Setup Password Files".

Then, choose the password file you want from the drop down menu and click the "Update" button.