How To Enable Spam Filtering

2 main steps are involved.

Step 1. The postmaster must enable Mail Filtering for the domain

Log in at SiteManager.

Click "Mail".

Click "Enable Mail Filtering"


Step 2. Create the "SPAM" folder in your Webmail.

Log in at Webmail.

Create the "SPAM" folder.


Please note that the word "SPAM" must be in all uppercase. It must be at the "top" level, and not inside any other folders. Please see picture below for an example.


After the "SPAM" folder is created, mails that are tagged as spam will be filtered, and delivered into this folder, not the "INBOX" folder. (If you use an email client to check for mails, only the mails in the "INBOX" folder will be downloaded. The mails in the "SPAM" folder will not be downloaded.)

Points to note:
1. The spam filtering system is a computer program, which means there will be times when spam mails will not be filtered out and genuine mails are filtered as spam. You are advised, not to indiscriminately delete all the mails in the "SPAM" folder, but rather, to have a quick glance of all the mails in the "SPAM" folder before deleting them.
2. Do remember to clear the mails accumulated in the "SPAM" folder periodically to prevent your mailbox from hitting the quota.
3. The postmaster must "enable mail filtering" (see Step 1 above) for the spam filtering to work. That means, if the postmaster did not enable mail filtering, even if the "SPAM" folder is created, no filtering will take place.